Veganuary! Make your first sustainable swap of 2023.

Veganuary! Make your first sustainable swap of 2023.

Have you set your 2023 goals yet?


Are you deciding to take part in Veganuary this year?

Never heard of it?

Veganuary is an annual challenge run by a UK non-profit organisation that promotes and educates about veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Being a vegan is when a person does not eat any food derived from animals or use any other animal products.

Not only are there so many health benefits to following a vegan diet and lifestyle, but there are plenty of environmental benefits too! Going vegan helps stop the deforestation, soil degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production, which ultimately will help to slow climate change and secure our global food supply.

Think that giving up cheese is taking it a step too far?

Small changes make a big difference!

Even by swapping your candles and wax melts to those made with soy wax will be your first vegan swap!!

Did you know that most candles are not vegan? Often candles use Stearic Acid or Beeswax in order to harden the candle and improve the scent. Vegan Candles will be made from Soy, Coconut, or Rapeseed Wax.

Here at Hideaway Home Fragrances, our wax is made in the UK all natural from Soya Bean Oil.

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. After harvesting, the beans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. The oil is then extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated.

Soy's biggest advantage is that it is 100% renewable. While the global reserves of oil shrink and paraffin prices increase, the only limit to the soy supply is how much we choose to grow and a well-made soy candle will burn cleanly and slowly.

So, thinking of making your first vegan and sustainable swap of 2023?

View our full range of soy wax candles and wax melts here: 

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