Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order

Note to Seller

You're more than welcome to add a gift note at checkout for our dispatch team to write, if you wish. Other than handwritten notes, we kindly ask that your request/query is emailed to us at

This way, we can ensure it gets to our customer service team, who can assist. Our dispatch team are not able to respond to queries sent via the notes section.

Please note, any notes added to your order are not seen until the point of dispatch, therefore any requests of an urgent nature should also be emailed to us.

Due to the nature of the shipping process, our team are unable to view any notes added to subscription boxes or 24 hours of scent orders.

Using discount codes

All discount codes are subject to specific terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to withdraw any discount code and/or cancel any order if its use is not compliant with the terms and conditions of the offer. Only one discount code can be entered at checkout. 

Existing Orders

Editing/Amending My Order

If you've made an error with your existing order, we may still be able to assist, as long
as it hasn't yet been dispatched. To give us the best chance of assisting, please email us as soon as possible. 

By contacting us, we will be able to change your shipping address, add/remove
products or cancel/refund your order. 

Fulfilment Time

Order Fulfilment Time:

As all items are hand poured to order, we will look to fulfil your order within 3 working days.

Shipping Times:

All orders are shipped with Royal Mail.

Royal Mails tracked48 aims for 48-72 hours from door to door. Royal Mail's tracked24 aims for 24-48 hours from door to door.

Please be advised that these are only 'aim for' times and rarely delays occur outside of our control.

Shipping Delays/Missing Parcel

Be rest assured, our team are available to assist in any way possible. 

Delays and lost orders are very rare, however unfortunately instances do occur whereby your order is delayed or does go missing. 

After 7 working days from the date of shipment, we'll be able to assist with locating your parcel. Unfortunately we are unable to replace any missing items until 7 working days, from the date of shipment, has lapsed. 

Wrong Items Received/Missing Items

Firstly, please accept our apologies for any items received in error. 

Missing items:

Please let us know of the items that are missing from your order. All shipments are booked in with the exact weight, so we are able to quickly confirm an item is missing and arrange these to be shipped to your promptly. 

Items Received in Error:

In this instance, please take a photo of the items you've received in error. We will
then be able to assist further and arrange the correct item to be sent promptly, if applicable. 

Items Ordered with Subscription Box

If you have ordered any other items with your subscription box, then we will ship these early before your subscription box is due to be sent (20th or next working day where applicable).

Should you wish to receive your items together with your subscription box, please add a note on checkout.


Small Cracks in the Candle Wax

A natural occurrence of soy wax, cracks can occasionally occur during the colder weather. This is simply due to temperature changes the candle has been exposed
to since being poured and then arriving with you. 

Don't worry - this won't affect the candle's performance or quality in any way, and will be gone after the first burn. 

Are Candles Stronger than Wax Melts

Due to the nature of how wax melts emit fragrance, a wax melt will always provide a
stronger scent throw. This is because the wax acts a carrier to the fragrance, allowing the fragrance to be heated and 'throw' the scent. In contrast, a candle is fuelled via the wick, using a combination of the wax and fragrance oil to produce the scent throw. 

We recommend using scented candles to add ambience and a gentle aroma throughout a small-medium sized room; ideal for intimate dinner parties, sitting rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. If you're looking for a strong scent throw to fill an
entire space, we would recommend a wax melt.

Tunnelling Candles

Any candle will tunnel if it's not been burned properly. Every candle has a memory, so the next burn is only as good as the last. 

To ensure it melts all the way to the edges, follow the candle care guide which is popped inside every one of our candle boxes. On this candle care guide, you'll see we advise always burning the candle for a full 4 hours on the first burn and then up to 4 hours every burn, until the wax has melted all the way to the edges.

You'll find that as the candle burns down, it takes less time for the wax to melt to the edges. This is because the heat is retained further down the candle, assisting with the melting. 

Maintaining a Safe and Effective Wick Height

Maintaining a safe and effective wick height will ensure the candle burns just as it should. Always trim your candle wick to 5mm in height before each burn. 

Trimming your wick will also ensure that the candle does not burn too hot/too quickly, allowing for a safe, clean burn all the way down.

Please note, leaving your candle to burn to the very bottom of the glass can cause them to overheat and explode. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you burn your candle safely.

My candle has a bumpy texture on the surface after its burned and then solidified. Is that normal?

In short, yes! Due to the characteristics of soy wax, after you’ve burned your candle or melts, and it solidifies again it may have a bumpy/uneven or “cratered” surface. This usually happens if it cools down too quickly after being extinguished.

This doesn’t affect the scent of the wax, it just isn’t very aesthetically pleasing!

Keep your candle/wax warmer out of draughty areas, off of windowsills, or in a room that's at a steady temperature, and in future this shouldn’t happen.

Soy Wax Melts

Getting the Best out of your Wax Melt

Each soy wax melt is designed to provide on average 20 hours of scent. As the wax melt gets closer to the 20 hour mark, you'll notice the scent to weaken. This is when it's due to be replaced.

The performance of any wax melt is dependent on the way the wax melt is heated. 

Too hot and the wax melt will burn off the fragrance too quickly, resulting in a very
short, strong scent, likely progressing to the unwanted smell of burning wax.

This is often caused by either a large tealight (8 hour or deep 4 hour tealight) or a short wax melt burner (less than ~9cm in depth). 

For the wax melt to last for the advised time, always use a small, 4 hour tealight and a wax melt burner between ~10 and ~13cm tall. This will maintain an even heat throughout. 

Getting a Stronger Scent Throw

If you find that the scent of your wax melt isn't very strong when burning (known as the hot throw) it is very likely that the wax melt isn't being heated enough to effectively release the fragrance. 

This is often caused for the following reasons:

Using an electric burner - Electric burners with a low electrical output (wattage less
than ~28W), can often not get warm enough to emit the fragrance. 

Defective tealight - Defective tealights can be even be found amongst your favourite
brand of tealights, therefore first we advise to simply swap the tealight. If the same issue keeps occurring, it's worth trying a different packet of tealights entirely. 

Tall wax melt burner - It may be that your wax melt burner is too tall, meaning that the
tealight placement is too far away from the base of the wax melt dish. The burner should typically be no more than ~10-12cm tall. If you have an alternative burner to try, this will help ascertain exactly what the issue is. 

Often some trial and error will quickly ascertain exactly what the issue is. 

Scent is too Strong

If you're finding the scent too
strong, but it is lasting 20 hours before the scent dissipates (therefore not being overheated), we recommend halving the wax melt and using just 1 half at a

My wax burner is giving off a white smoke, why is that?

The white smoke you may see is actually vapour, and is caused by the fragrance in the wax evaporating. This is totally normal!

(Black smoke, on the other hand, is not normal - please discontinue use ASAP in the event of black smoke being emitted from your wax burner. Contact the burner manufacturer if this happens)

Are Your Wax Melts Vegan-Friendly/Cruelty-Free?

Our wax melts are made from vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients.

None of our products are ever tested on animals. 

Are your Wax Melts Plastic Free

Yes! We are proud to say all of our packaging is plantable as it is embedded with Wildflower seeds.

We have never used plastic in any of our packaging.

We also use FSC certified

What is a Reed Diffuser?

What is a Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser will give you a low maintenance, continuous scent throw throughout your home. We artfully blended by hand using an eco-friendly base and the fine fragrance oils.

How long do the reeds last in a diffuser?

Our reed diffusers will last approximately six months. If the fragrance is no longer as strong as it once was, try flipping the reeds. Over time, the reeds will become saturated and can get clogged with dust. When this happens, it is time to replace the reeds.

Getting the Best out of your Reed Diffuser

Simply place your diffuser in desired area, and remove the stopper and inset all 7 of your reeds. Our fibre reeds are designed not to clog, so you should only need to flip them if you notice a decrease in scent throw.


Why use Soy Wax

Soy wax is derived from soy beans and being natural and non-chemically derived, is considered among the more eco-friendly types of candle wax.

It has a long burn time, which means your candle will last longer and will also burn cleaner as a result.

Why not paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax emits 11 known toxins while burning, including toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde, which are known carcinogens. Inhaling these carcinogens can have adverse reactions such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and has been linked to causing asthma.

What is a "scent throw"?

The term "scent throw" is used to describe how well a candle distributes its intended smell. This can be further described by hot or cold scent throw.

A "cold scent throw" is how well the scent travels when the candle or wax melt wax is in its solid form. I'm proud to say that our products have an amazing cold throw and don't need to be lit to smell great.

A "hot scent throw" is how well the scent travels when the candle or wax melt wax is in
liquid form (or heated). We have meticulously tested each recipe for all of our candles and melts to ensure they produce an excellent hot throw.

Plantable Packaging

What is Plantable Seeded Paper

Plantable seed paper is special handmade paper embedded with real wildflower seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, wildflowers will grow from the paper, amazing right!

Please note that because our paper is made by hand, there may be a slight variation in the thickness from sheet to sheet. Due to the post-consumer waste fiber content, a slight variation in the shade of the paper may also occur.

How Soon can I Plant my Packaging

For best germination results, our seeded packaging should be planted within 2 years. It will still grow beyond that, but the germination rates will decline after that period.

Store your packaging in a cool, dry place, to preserve the germination rates as long as possible. But let’s not hang around, let’s get our hands dirty and get planting!

What is our Seeded Packaging Made From

The paper we use is 100% recycled from a variety of sources such as schools and business to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills.

What Ink do you Use in Your Seeded Packaging

The inks we use are vegetable-based and fully biodegradable

What is the Best Time to Plant my Packaging

A good rule of thumb is Spring when it’s a bit warmer, is the best time to plant if you live in an area where the ground does not freeze at that time of year.

If you haven’t got access to a garden, our seeded paper can be planted indoors in pots or your candle vessels, as long as you ensure they get plenty of daylight and water.

Are the Seeds Safe for Planting

Yes, our supplier only uses seeds that are tested and certified for planting in the UK, the US, EU, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries worldwide.

Are the Seeds in the Packaging Non GMO

Yes, our seed packaging only contains seeds that are of the highest quality. All the seeds we use are NON-GMO (non genetically modified organism).