How it Works!

Labels that grow into wildflowers!

Our seeded plantable product packaging is made with special handmade 100% recycled paper from a variety of sources such as schools and business to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfill. It is then embedded with REAL wildflower seeds to plant and grow!

Our seeded packaging is easy to plant & grow – but you must follow the instructions !

When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, and no waste.


Soak the seeded packaging in water for at least twelve hours. This will swell the seeds and aid germination.

Cover your packaging with around 5mm deep of soil and keep moist by spraying daily until the seedlings are established.

Germination time is anywhere between 7-10 days. They are able to grow indoors or outdoors. If planting outdoors it is best to sow in late spring or early summer, to avoid frosts.


Keep well watered in a space warm with direct sunlight to help the seeds germinate.

Be Patient

Think of the seeds as a little eco system with a protective bubble. The delicate seeds grow inside, gaining their strength, until their ready to break out!


6-8 weeks later the seedlings you nurtured will break out from the soil and grow.

Best Tricks to Prevent Weeds!

Rather than using herbicides, landscape fabric, or plastic sheeting to control weeds in your garden or planting beds, try putting down our packaging boxes or other cardboard you have instead as a green solution.

To use cardboard as a weed barrier in your garden:

  • Break down cardboard boxes and remove any packing tape.
  • Lay the cardboard on the ground in your garden or planting bed.
  • Wet the cardboard well with a garden hose.
  • Cover the cardboard with a layer of mulch.
  • When planting, cut a hole in the cardboard for each plant.

As the cardboard breaks down over time, it makes sugar, which attracts earthworms to improve your soil.

About our Packaging

What is Plantable Seeded Paper

Plantable seed paper is special handmade paper embedded with real wildflower seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, wildflowers will grow from the paper, amazing right!

Please note that because our paper is made by hand, there may be a slight variation in the thickness from sheet to sheet. Due to the post-consumer waste fiber content, a slight variation in the shade of the paper may also occur.

How Soon can I Plant my Packaging

For best germination results, our seeded packaging should be planted within 2 years. It will still grow beyond that, but the germination rates will decline after that period.

Store your packaging in a cool, dry place, to preserve the germination rates as long as possible. But let’s not hang around, let’s get our hands dirty and get planting!

What is our Seeded Packaging Made From

The paper we use is 100% recycled from a variety of sources such as schools and business to help save trees and reduce waste sent to landfills.

What Ink do you Use in Your Seeded Packaging

The inks we use are vegetable-based and fully biodegradable

What is the Best Time to Plant my Packaging

A good rule of thumb is Spring when it’s a bit warmer, is the best time to plant if you live in an area where the ground does not freeze at that time of year.

If you haven’t got access to a garden, our seeded paper can be planted indoors in pots or your candle vessels, as long as you ensure they get plenty of daylight and water.

Are the Seeds Safe for Planting

Yes, our supplier only uses seeds that are tested and certified for planting in the UK, the US, EU, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries worldwide.

Are the Seeds in the Packaging Non GMO

Yes, our seed packaging only contains seeds that are of the highest quality. All the seeds we use are NON-GMO (non genetically modified organism).