Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July: A golden opportunity for small businesses

July celebrates the month of ‘National Independent Retailer Month’ AND ‘Plastic Free July’. Both very important initiatives for Hideaway Home Fragrances.

Plastic pollution has emerged as one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, threatening ecosystems and human health worldwide.

In response, an annual movement, known as ‘Plastic Free July,’ has gained significant momentum, urging individuals and, most importantly, businesses to take action against single-use plastics.

Plastic Free July

Small businesses thrive on community support and trust. So, take note of the small businesses that are actively participating in Plastic Free July! These businesses demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability. Implementing plastic free practices showcases their ethical values and responsible business practices!

As awareness about plastic pollution grows, so does the number of consumers looking for sustainable alternatives. By getting involved in Plastic Free July, small local businesses can tap into this expanding market of eco-conscious supporters.

Plastic Free Foundation

These individuals actively seek out businesses that align with their values and demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Are you a small business owner or are you personally looking to support of Plastic Free July? Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Engage your staff and customers to be a part of Plastic Free July
  • Be part of the push to remove plastics from supply chains – choose different packaging!

Hideaway Home Fragrances Gift Boxes

  • Put up signs or post on your socials – share the plastic free message.
  • Do a bin audit – are you recycling, composting or avoiding waste correctly?
Bin audit for Plastic Free July
  • Make an impact to your workplace’s procurement practices.

How can you support the small sustainable businesses in your area?

  • Shop local – opt out of getting everything from Amazon and see what the local shops have to offer.
  • Promote independent retail – share their social media posts, did you get some great customer service? Let them know by writing a review.
  • Go to their physical store – give them a visit, I’m sure they would really appreciate it.

Support Local Businesses

Small businesses are known for their ability to adapt quickly to market demands and by participating in Plastic Free July. These businesses can unleash their creativity and find innovative solutions to reduce plastic waste! Businesses like this are who you should be supporting for National Independent Retailer Month!

National Independent Retailer Month

Both of these campaigns are an excellent opportunity for small businesses to collaborate with the community, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective action. Partnering with local organisations, schools, or environmental groups, businesses can create local campaigns to raise awareness about plastic pollution and help to educate the community about sustainable alternatives.

Here at HHF, we are really passionate about using recyclable packaging and no plastic in any of our products or boxes! All of our candles and wax melts are hand poured and sustainably sourced. The tins we use for our candles can be recycled and even used with our new seeded toppers as flowerpots. We further try to minimise the impact our business has on the environment by using recyclable packaging, such as recycled cardboard and shredded paper.

Plastic Free July and National Independent Retailer Month presents small businesses with a unique opportunity to contribute to the global fight against plastic pollution!

How will you be supporting these initiatives in July AND every month?

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