Here is what Hideaway Home Fragrances are doing to support Plastic Free July

Here is what Hideaway Home Fragrances are doing to support Plastic Free July

Plastic-free July is a global movement to help people worldwide become part of the solution to reducing plastic pollution and waste.

Not only does plastic pollution affect our oceans and wildlife (estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish ) but microplastics have also been reportedly found in food for human consumption (the average person could be eating up to 5 grams of plastic per week). 

While it can be easy to feel hopeless regarding plastic use, pollution and consumption, we want to focus on the impact millions of individuals can have on the future and the influence positive change.

Here are some of the positive plastic free initiatives at Hideaway Home Fragrances:

Plastic free packaging

For all of our wax melts and wax melt snap bars we use glassine bags which are a much better choice than plastic.  The benefit of glassine bags is that they are recyclable, as well as biodegradable and compostable.

One of the biggest benefits of cardboard packaging from an environmental perspective is that it is highly recyclable and compostable. When correctly stored, used and handled, it is also reusable – sometimes many times over. Once its useful life is over, cardboard can be recycled back into the manufacturing process or composted.  So this is why we have chose to use it for packing your beautiful orders out to you. 

Reusing your candle tins/jars as a keep’s sake long after the candle has finished. Here are some ideas:

  1. Repot your succulents. ...
  2. Organize office supplies. ...
  3. Make a window garden
  4. Make homemade balm or lip gloss. ...
  5. Up the ambiance of your home. ...
  6. Put a tea light in it. ...
  7. Create a new candle
  8. Organise the bathroom
  9. Declutter your junk drawer.

We as a family care about the impact that we have on our environment now and in helping create a more sustainable future.  Therefore, we felt it is important to do what we can to help protect our planet.  This is why we have also chosen our materials and packaging very carefully so that they share in our values. 

We are excited to announce that Hideaway Home Fragrances have signed up to Ecologi to aid this cause. This means that for every order you place on our website Ecologi will plant 1 tree.

At the end of each month, we will purchase an number of trees equal to the amount of orders placed via our website in that given month. Ecologi has provided us with our own page that allows both us and our customers to see our forest grow. Please see the link here to see our forest!

Here are some other easy eco-friendly plastic free ideas for you:

01 | Takeaway coffee cups

Who doesn’t love driving thru for a coffee? However, most single-use coffee cups are never recycled, even the compostable ones, so try dining in at your favourite local coffee spot or bring along your own reusable alternative. There are many options of glass, ceramic, steel, etc. Keep it on your work desk, by your keys or purse, any area you often use that you can remember.  

02 | B-Y-O-B (bring your own bag)

Keep a stash of reusable bags by your front door or in your car to use when you go grocery shopping, to the farmers market, library, or bookstore! Plastic bags are harmful to wildlife and break down into microplastics, and remain in the environment indefinitely.  

03 | Avoid plastic-wrapped fruits and vegetables

Convenience items like pre-packaged fruits and vegetables can easily be avoided by bringing your own produce bags, buying them loose, or shopping at your local farmers’ markets.  

04 | Use Soap Bars

Swap out shower gel for bars of swap to reduce single-use plastics in the bathroom. Bar soaps have different blends for face washing, shaving, shampoo, and body wash. Purchase bar soap without packaging at health food stores. Many brands package their bar soap in cardboard good for composting.  

05 | Buy less

Ultimately, buying less and using less will result in less waste and items being thrown away. Before making a purchase, ask yourself- do I need this? Is there a better alternative? Try shopping second-hand, thrifting, or even hosting a “swap” event (books, clothes, etc.) to reduce the number of new items you bring into your home!  

Dig deeper! If you are looking for even more ways to reduce your waste or want to take on a bigger challenge, research “zero waste” as some people aim to live lives that produce zero waste.  

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