Are your candles tunneling? Heres how to fix it!

Are your candles tunneling? Heres how to fix it!

Isn't it annoying when your candles don't burn all the way to the edge and tunnel every time they burn? Here's the causes and how to fix this so your candles are never wasted!


Tunneling candles

One of the main causes of tunneling is due to irregular burning practice, this is where the candle hasn't been left burning long enough to burn right to the edge of the candle container. Therefore the candle will continue to only melt the wax in the areas that were previously melted before. To avoid this, make sure that when you burn your candle for the first time, ensure it melts right to the edge!

Another cause is having a wick too small for your candle. To avoid this, make sure that you don't your wick too short when trimming your wick.


How can I fix my tunneling?

One way to fix your candle tunneling is with using tin foil.

tin foil to fix tunneling

You can do this by wrapping a piece of tin foil around the candle like the image pictured above, then all you need to do is let the candle burn until all the wax that was built-up has melted. So easy!

By doing this SO much less wax is wasted so therefore your money you have spent on the candle!


Or alternatively, another way to fix tunneling is with a hairdryer. Simply use a hairdryer on it's lowest setting to avoid splashing wet wax, then heat the candle until again, all the built-up wax has melted and the surface has levelled out. 

TOP TIP: Place newspaper on the surface your working on to avoid getting wax on your surfaces!


The best way to fix tunneling is by avoiding it in the first place. Just make sure you always burn your wax until it reaches the end of its container and never trim your which too short!

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