All about Autumn scents!

All about Autumn scents!

Scented sustainable autumnal candle Spiced Apple

Autumn is the season for having cozy nights in, wrapping up warm for walks in the woods surrounded by golden leaves, and to change your candle scents to create the ultimate autumnal feeling!

But, what are the perfect scents to indulge in this season? We have the answer...

 Scented candles create a soothing effect on our bodies and minds, perfect for regulating our moods and helping us to feel relaxed. Exactly what you want during autumn! Here are our favourite autumnal scents and why we love them so much!

1) Fig and Cassis- The warmth and embrace of the sweet fig and cassis intertwines with the woody base note of cedarwood creating the most comforting atmosphere.

2) Honeysuckle and Sandalwood- A refreshing subtle sweet smell from the honeysuckle paired with the soft wooden scent from the sandalwood. Ideal for autumn as it creates a subtle warm feel.

3) Tobacco and Vanilla- A beautiful oriental spicy fragrance providing the ultimate calming ambiance with base notes of dried fruit which reminds you of winter too.

4) Rocksalt and driftwood- Notes of seaweed, waterlily and salt crusted driftwood reminding you of a fresh and salty coastal breeze.

5) Autumn- A scent of Autumn Leaves with a woody aroma and a hint of musk paired with hearty notes of warm spice and lavender, transporting you back to your childhood days of jumping in a pile of freshly raked autumn leaves. 

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Here are other ways to look after yourself during these colder and darker months too:

1) Going for a walk- Regular physical activity benefits your health, helps you reduce stress, fight the anxiety and feel better.

2) Start baking- Baking takes complete concentration so it can be used as a time to shut your mind off from any worries and give you feelings of relaxation.

3) Reading a book- Get lost in a story that transforms you into a different world! It will take your mind off any anxieties or stress you have.

4) Got to a pumpkin patch!- Not only does it get you outdoors with the fresh air, but it also helps you to get into the Halloween spirit AND you can carve your pumpkin as a festive activity when you get home too! 

It is SO important to look after yourself during these colder and darker months, so make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthier foods, and start exercising more regularly. Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy.

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